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Increase Your Energy Efficiency with Our Roofing Services


Let’s face it, summers in Texas are brutal. Between the hot summer heat and the violent storms this area experiences, your home can take a beating. Whether it is hail and high winds attacking your roof, or high temperatures causing your air conditioning to work overtime it is no wonder why summer utility bills can be sky high. With John Wade Roofing and their roofing services it is possible to increase the energy efficiency of your home. Often, with the summer heat, attics in this area can reach temperatures over 160 degrees F. Without proper ventilation through the attic, this heat can become trapped in your home, forcing your air conditioning unit to work harder to cool your home. Not only is this taxing on your air conditioning unit, but it will cause your utility bills to be higher than normal. The team at John Wade Roofing provides roofing services beyond simply replacing a roof. We are happy to examine and redesign your ventilation system so that we can help your home exhaust the hot air that builds up through the summer, keeping your home cool and your utility bills down.

Another great way to help increase the efficiency of your home is to use energy efficient shingles. These shingles are designed to help keep your home cool by reflecting the heat from the sun away from your home. In the hot Texas summers, these are an excellent option for your next roof installation. With modern materials and new technology, roof installation practices have improved in recent years. Now it is possible to not only protect your roof from the weather, but also keep your home cooler in the summer. Energy efficiency will not only help keep your utility bills down now, but they will help to keep your furnace and air conditioner from working too hard, increasing the overall lifespan of your appliances. If you are interested in learning more about energy efficient roofing solutions, talk to the team at John Wade Roofing. Our team is knowledgeable and professional, and eager to find just the right solution for your needs.

While we are happy to take on any roofing project, we excel at residential roofing. Our business is family owned and operated, and we take pride in the relationship we forge with each and every customer. We understand that a residential roofing project is a big job, one that is not completed often. For this reason, selecting a roofing company is a big decision. It makes sense then to want to feel comfortable with your roofing company, and believe that you know and trust that they will do a good job. Our “mom and pop” operation loves the personal connection and pride we receive when we have completed a job well done. If you are looking for an energy efficient solution to help increase the value of your home, while reducing monthly utility costs, and want the p