Local Remodelers

Trust Local Remodelers With Your Next Home Improvement Project


There is a great deal to think about when working through a home renovation or remodeling project. Not only do you need to think about the design and functionality of your new addition, but you need to think of how the exterior of the addition will look. Just like the rest of your home, the exterior will require roofing and siding in order to help protect your hard work performed inside. For a new addition, roofing and siding can be difficult to add. You want the overall look of the exterior to be cohesive, blending together with your already existing home. For this reason, you should hire only a professional and experienced company to help with the roofing and siding on your new addition.

Trust local remodelers to help with the exterior. At John Wade Roofing, not only do we help with the roofing portion of your new addition, but we are happy to help with the siding and exterior projects necessary. As local remodelers, we understand the need for extra precautions in the Texas weather. Not only do we see sweltering heat in the summer, but we see violent storms complete with hail, rain and high winds. At John Wade Roofing, we are a family owned and operated company that takes pride in our work. We are local ourselves and enjoy forming a bond and relationship with every one of our clients. Trust local remodelers in the Texas area to guarantee your next project is done correctly with high quality work and attention to detail.