Commercial Roofing

Protect Your Investment with Commercial Roofing and Roof Repairs


Commercial buildings dot the landscape around us. A commercial building covers anything from a sprawling office complex, to a restaurant, to a shopping plaza. Many of the features in a commercial building are similar to a residential construct, just on a larger scale. And, just as a residential building has roofing requirements, commercial buildings have roofing needs also. Commercial roofing is often performed on a large scale, with more square footage. Further, commercial roofing often has large and complicated utilities and machinery staged on top of the roof. This can include heating and cooling units, as well as ventilation units and various pumps and pipes. Special care must be taken when working with commercial roofing projects, and you need a trusted and professional company to help handle these large scale roofing projects.

If you are looking for commercial roof repair, turn to the experts at John Wade Roofing. Roof repair is a great way to help protect your commercial investment. Just like with residential homes, commercial buildings can be subject to worn roofing materials or storm damage. And, unfortunately, just like a residential building, damage to the roof can have big implications in the interior of the building. Leaks that are left unchecked can cause a tremendous amount of damage, and improperly vented and insulated roofs can cause you to spend thousands of dollars more in utility costs each year. By turning to a professional roof repair company to help handle these problems before they become too large, it is possible to protect your investment in your commercial building.

Sometimes though, a roof has simply worn out and is beyond repair. In these cases, a commercial roof replacement is necessary. A roof replacement is a big job, but is necessary in order to protect your investment. Commercial buildings come in all shapes and sizes, and it follows that there are many options for roof replacement. If you want to prolong the longevity of your commercial building with a new roof, reach out to the professionals at John Wade Roofing. We are knowledgeable about various materials, and are happy to share the pros and cons of each roofing option. Further, we are happy to give you a comprehensive estimate for the work and are happy to complete the job ourselves. We take pride in a job well done, no matter how large or small. John Wade Roofing is happy to work with commercial and residential buildings alike, providing quality and high performing roofing systems.