Arlington Roofing Experts

Why turn to the Arlington roofing experts with John Wade Roofing? There are a lot of reasons. Since we first started in 1982, we’ve earned a reputation for unsurpassed excellence. Our roofing experts in Arlington TX are passionate about their profession. You’ll always be able to count on us to take care of your job right the first time, and to do it with the highest levels of integrity and honesty. We won’t ever try to put the “hard sell” on you, and try to convince you to agree to an expensive service you don’t need. We’ve never worked like that, and we never will.


Can You Trust Your Arlington Roofing Experts?

Not all Arlington roofing experts are alike. When you get a quote from some companies, for example, they might not take the time to make sure that quote is accurate. These are just a few of the reasons you’ll always be able to trust any estimate you receive from the roofing experts in Arlington TX with John Wade Roofing. 

  • Details, details, details – When you get a quote from one of our Arlington roofing experts, you can rest assured it will be detailed and in writing. No one should ever agree to merely a verbal estimate. We include information such as labor costs, the removal of old materials, start dates, completion dates, and more.
  • No surprises – Some companies add on so many costs that the original quote is nowhere near the final price. We will do everything we can to stay as close as possible to your first estimate.
  • No shady deals – Have you ever talked to so-called roofing experts in Arlington TX that tried to convince you to pay in cash? This is a sure sign the company is trying to hide the amount of money it earns. It might also mean it doesn’t want any kind of paper trail should something go wrong with your job.

The Arlington roofing experts at John Wade Roofing are always honest and aboveboard with everything we do. Contact one of our roofing experts in Arlington TX by using our online form or calling 817-265-5520.